Friday, February 6, 2009

Generating buzz, I hope

I'm sending the press release out to local papers today. Let's hope it starts something big on our small island.

Everywhere I go, trees are dripping with fruit. There have to be mouths out there to share the bounty with.


Unknown said...

Hey Steph ~ I am so happy to see you are doing this! I thought it a great idea and asked Alicia if she was interested, but said she was too busy to take it on, but I know for sure she'll be interested in preservation workshops, etc. Maybe the cooking club will want to help too.

Bente said...

I think it's a great idea. We have something here in the Laurel connected with our relative new Farmer's Market on Saturdays.
But as we are planting 4 more fruit trees this month we might soon have more than we can eat... we like sharing!

patricia said...

Ooh, such a great plan! Now maybe you won't have to sneak around that apartment building and get hollered at when you want apples. (Wasn't it apples?)

I look forward to seeing how the enterprise develops!

(P.S. Can you allow folks to leave comments using name/url, which gives a direct link to their own blogs? I know I leave comments that way on Reading While Knitting.)

Leila Abu-Saba said...

Great idea. Do you have a neighborhood email list? I asked my list in East Oakland if anybody wanted to make marmalade from foraged lemons and I got twenty people. Eleven are coming for the date we've set, March 7, and we don't have room at the first house offered, so we're going to two locations.

Our local pastor may be letting us use the church kitchen, and another member is asking at her church. People want to learn sauerkraut next (not from forage of course)

I'm in the Laurel - BEnte alerted me to your blog.

Maybe the newspaper will help? Maybe you need to find the local email list?

Good luck!

NKRobbins said...

I definitely want to participate. Our tree is dripping ripe, juicy lemons and I have some great recipes to share to go along with the harvest. We also have a lot of rosemary and some of the recipes include rosemary and lemons in irresistible breads and chicken dishes. So I hope I hear from someone soon.