Saturday, February 28, 2009

Citrus everywhere

Peeking out from houses and yards all over town, jewel-toned fruit hang like juicy baubles. In one six-block walk, I spied at least twenty laden trees and spoke to a handful of people. One lovely woman offered as many Meyer lemons as could be had, and said that she might like a few oranges in exchange. She can't do the picking, but she'd like to take part. When pressed, she allowed as how a jar of marmalade wouldn't go too far amiss.

Citrus exchange -- bring your fruit and some bags to take fruit home in -- March 7th, Christ Church parish hall, 1-4 pm. Marmalade/candied peel workshop, same place, same time. There is a modest fee for the use of the hall.

If you want to cook, please let me know by email. There is limited space in the kitchen, and I need to have some idea how much sugar and how many jars are likely to be needed. There will be a "pay for what you use" policy for those. If you have a favorite sharp knife, bring it.

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Jarecki Family said...

Could you be more specific about the "modest fee" for the use of Christ Church. I don't want to show up with too little in my pocket.