Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bounty out there

Blackberries in town. If you've picked before, you know where to look. If not, well, then you need to ask someone in the fruit exchange!

But seriously, I've been picking a lot and seeing some new fruits coming in around town. Does anyone have a fig tree? Are they near ripe? Apples coming along?

In September, let's have another party where we exchange jam and fruit -- I'll figure out a date and location and maybe make this one a kid-friendly one. If you haven't made jam yet, then it's time to try, while the berries are hanging heavy for the getting.

Even if you don't have fruit, you can participate. If you know a neighbor with fruit, if you glean from somewhere, if you just want to offer your services in ways that might help someone else -- sign up and say so! If this exchange is going to work, people have to be willing to open their trees up to pickers like me or you and then folks have to be willing to do a front-porch pick up. So far it's been slow, but I think the plan is sound. As always, I'm open to suggestions.

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Unknown said...

A bounty thank you to Christy of Santa Clara Ave.for your Granny Smith apple. Very uplifting bites.
And lots of thanks to Stefani for the communication.