Monday, May 4, 2009

Citrus Slowdown

Hey, everyone. The flow of citrus seems to have slowed down in the past few weeks -- trees are certainly looking less exuberant, and no one has said they have a lot they need to offload, at least not to me.

Jasmine (jasmine AT jasminebazaar DOT com)may have some Meyer lemons still -- please email directly to her for pick-up.

Remember, if you have fruit and want someone to come and pick, put a comment out on the blog and odds are good that someone out there wants 'em. And you can leave bags of fruit at my house, 1015 Taylor, if you want to offload your already-picked fruit.

Soon it will be summer fruit season. Let's have one more get-together before the citrus is really all done. Late May, maybe?


Ingrid said...

I'm up for it!

Jasmine Tokuda said...

Hi This is Jasmine. I have a box of Meyer lemons that were picked a week ago on my front porch for the taking. You should plan on using/juicing them right away. I've been pulling the marginal ones daily. My address is 867 Cedar St off of Clinton, it's a pink Victorian. I'm also the lady that grew all of the seedlings you see posted on the Fruit Exchange website in the last posting. The Wood Middle School PTA plant sale goes away May 15th, so if you didn't get a chance to see us at the Wood Flea Market and Plant Sale or Washington School's Rummage Sale, please email me at the and I'll be happy to connect you with some organic heirloom treasures. Thanks everyone!