Monday, April 13, 2009

So, how does this work?

Good question. I'm not 100% certain of how this works, and was hoping I'd just figure it out on the fly. On the other hand, I don't feel like I'm doing all that well!

I'd like to propose a drop-off day. That day would be followed by a pick-up day (of course). I'd post or email a list of what's available, and then folks could come and get. It would be BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag).

If you want someone to come and pick at your house, then please email or post a comment saying so on the blog. I can't be liable for that, but there are plenty of people who offered picking services who don't have fruit of their own.

As far as equitable sharing of the bounty, let's leave it now as if you bring or do, you get. Take as much as you need - any excess will be taken to the Alameda Food Bank Tuesday pick up place. They've let me know they can absorb any produce we can't.

So, it's official:

Fruit Drop Off -- Sundays (and early Mondays) at 1015 Taylor Ave., Alameda. If I'm not home, please just set it on the porch. This will also prompt me to sweep the porch weekly!
Fruit Pick Up -- Mondays, same location.

If someone on a different part of the island wants to set up an alternate day, feel free. Just let us know about it. And we'll still have quarterly get-togethers too, of course!


Anonymous said...

Hi,if you're not at home (1015 Taylor Avenue) on Monday, how would we do pick-up? Just take anything that looks interesting off the porch?

Stefani said...

Well, any fruit -- as I said, if there's no big problem, we'll do it this way. That's why you need your own bag!